What Is Two-Factor-Authentication?

Two-Factor-Authentication (also known as 2FA) is a strongly recommended method of adding an extra level of security around your important online accounts. With the increasingly sophisticated methods of hacking all online users need to be aware of their online security - financial hacking, identity theft/cloning and compromised devices are all real risks.

Some websites force you to connect your logon details to your phone, and so have forced your through the Two-Factor Authentication as part of signing up, for example your online bank account? However unfortunately most have 2FA as an optional security measure hidden in your settings.

Two-Factor-Authentication is not 100% secure proof, but it is a real step forward, and wherever available you are STRONGLY recommended to turn it on. Consider for a minute the implications if someone assumed your identity, or accessed your email account. Then keep thinking - its serious!  So read on ...

This short article has already succeeded because you're now thinking about how you would feel if a hacker got access to your bank accounts, your emails, your social media and contacts, house security - and more!

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2FA In Short

In addition to the normal username/email address and associated password, a two-factor-authentication protected website prompts for a PIN code to be entered, which is created in realtime and sent by phone text, email or by App.

You enter the PIN code and logon, with the device (phone/tablet etc) being used are remembered for future visits. You are then only re-prompted if you use a different device, or after a pre-determined period eg two weeks.

So a future hacker attempt needs your logon email/password details AND access to your phone.

So on all your Apps or key websites, always look out for options to use two-factor-authentication, and find the SETTINGS and SECURITY and check all available options.

Below we've listed some key platforms that offer two-factor-authentication, and which you really should revisit and update your security settings as soon as possible. We hope it helps you, and don't forget to share with your friends.


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