Business and industry sectors

In order to implement a new or improved Wireless Network Design the deployment and Installation of any wireless solution is key. A fully operational and effective Wireless Network can be installed in various locations;

Hotels, Build-to-Rent (BTR), Private-Rental-Sector (PRS), Corporate Offices, Airports, Holiday Parks, Construction Sites, Retail and the high street, Warehouses, Hospitals, Public areas, Transport hubs  including airports, rail, bus, coach stations, and even car parks.

Our team offers both indoor and outdoor installation of wireless network solutions.  We can provide Wireless Project Managers, Engineers and Installers that will work with you from start to finish to ensure the project is professionally managed, installed to the highest possible standard and in fully working order so as you achieve the best results possible.

Property Management and Developers

  • Buy-To-Rent BTR / Buy-To-Let BTL
  • Communal Areas WiFi
  • Commercial & Staff Networks
  • Operational and IoT
  • Site Office Services
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  • Replacing open WiFi and its risks !!
  • Upgrading controllers and network config
  • Installing and upgrading controller firmware
  • Agnostic approach to vendor selection
  • Deployments, indoor, in-room and outdoor
  • Installing licences on controllers
WiFi Partners - To UK Construction Sector

Retail and Leisure

  • Shopping centres and high street
  • Leisure parks and tourism
  • Public gardens and shared spaces
  • Underground car parks
  • Electric car charging points
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Healthcare & NHS

  • Health check (excuse the pun)
  • Hospitals, surgeries and NHS facility Mgt
  • Internet of Things IoT devices
  • Lone worker coverage

Government & Councils

  • Government Departments
  • Regional government offices
  • Local and County councils
  • Local parks and car parks
  • Blue-light services


  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Secure / encrypted pupil access
  • Teacher and school operational WiFi
  • Internet of Things - school monitoring

Corporate and Offices

  • Cloud based CCTV, on same WiFi / CAT5 network
  • Staff, Corporate and Operational WiFi

Airports and Transport Hubs

  • Airport operators and owners
  • Airlines and airport campus & retail businesses
  • Airside access and security clearance
  • Railway, onboard and stations
  • Bus and coach hubs, stations and on-board

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