The WiFi Partners teams provide a range of services to construction and developer companies, and to completed building operators and Facilities Management providers.

Our teams are involved at an early stage, working with architects and planners to provide desk surveys from the floor plans to provide WiFi requirements together with CAT5 cabling points for the M&E contractor. The same survey work may include CCTV cabling and propose appropriate Verkada deployment options - utilising the same CAT5 as the WiFi.

During the build stage, WiFi Partners can provide Site Office WiFi through a fully-managed 4G/5G WiFi service, which provides a full office solution out-of-the-box and with preconfigured secure WiFi networks, for contractors, secure-corporate with VPN, IoT network and visitor WiFi - all secure and segmented from each other, preconfigured so staff devices immediately connect as they arrive.

WiFi Partners - To UK Construction Sector

The construction site requires good but temporary security, which can be deployed either cabled through CAT5 from an office, or through 4G routers at more remote positions across the site. We can also offer integrated Access Control and even COVID precaution enforcement measures to alert site teams when social distancing is not being adhered to.

WiFi Partners' installation teams deploy the WiFi services and hardware at the PC (practical completion) date stage, mounting the WiFi hardware and building the comms cabinet, and configuring the services to run on the network. There can include Staff / Operational WiFi, Residents & Visitors Communal WiFi and all the CAT5 cabled services. A successfully managed building's infrastructure requires segmented networks, securely separating each from the others and thus ensuring corporate service are unreachable for example from the visitor WiFi.

WiFi Partners Ltd are the ideal choice for creating and supporting the building's infrastructure - including the initial launch services and new connections or services required from time to time.

Key additional service areas are summarised below, but if you are in the construction, developer or building operator sectors, and looking for focused and experienced support - contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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Site Office Services

During construction, our Site Office solution delivers straight out-of-the-box, Internet & WiFi services. Delivered by courier, simply plug it in for power, and the Site Office internet is immediately available. Fully secure, remotely managed & configured and ready for corporate employees, contractors and site visitors - WiFi and cabled networks.

As a further note: Don't make the mistake and risk, of simply having an open WiFi network on site. You are risking compromising company devices, those of your contractors and your operational services and network. Read this brief background blog for more info.

Additional Site Office services include instant VoIP phone services - site office CCTV - and office sensors to monitor for example temperature or person presence.


WiFi Partners - Construction and Developers - Site Services - WiFi - Security - Telecoms
WiFi Partners - Construction and Developers - Site Services - WiFi - Security - Telecoms
WiFi Partners - Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Site Security is key to a safe, secure and successful site.  Our services can support, with provision and management of site wide WiFi, or only to specific satellite offices / areas, highly featured CCTV to monitor security as well as auto detecting people and vehicle counts, and alerting for Covid restriction breaches. Our sensors can operate over long-range and detect a wide variety of environmental and physical measurements, with auto alerts - for example dust, temp, light, presence.


New Build Services

WiFi Partners provide early stage desk surveys from floor plans, for M&E cabling requirements. At PC stage the WiFi Partners engineers return to site to deploy the WiFi hardware and the network. Well designed and managed building infrastructure is key to enabling critical building systems, as well as essential services like Operational & Communal WiFi and CAT5 services - benefiting all the building's stakeholders. Planning can include building security & access control, CCTV, environmental sensors.



BTR & PRS Build Projects

WiFi Partners work with BTR & PRS project investors and developers, to provide building infrastructure and network, and to configure and manage a wide variety of services across the network, including Corporate, Operational, IoT and Communal WiFi services, and CAT5 cabled solutions - critical is well managed security and network design - and nationwide experienced and well managed field engineering.


In-Apartment Services

WiFi Partners work with leading ISP network providers and innovative in-room solution providers. Together we provide high speed internet services to each apartment (from 100mbps to over 1Gbps), with multi-core cabling to enable flexible future decisions on choice of TV provider, by the building operator and/or the apartment's resident. In-room services can include multiple CAT5 sockets, Internet-Of-Things IoT services, bespoke Working-From-Home resident's options and VPN network, and wide choice of TV provider options.