Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence

The Mikrok Lite Licence is designed for a Mikrotik router site providing WiFi services to Retail, Office, Operations and IoT, but without Guest Splash services. Controls inc. managing two WiFi networks and a third network for 802.1X WPA-Enterprise - for encrypted regular network users.

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Meraki Lite Portal Licence

The Meraki Lite Licence enables operators to easily add and control additional services on their existing Meraki network - and manage and report on the new services through the WiFi Portal. Leave the Meraki complexity to others, and use the WiFi Portal to manage the service you use.

Full Portal Licence

The Full Portal Licence enables full access to the WiFi Portal providing the full suite of services and features across all types of WiFi services, their management with reports and monitoring.

There is a range of Full Portal Licences, from Single AP to Enterprise) to reflect the network size and data demands.


Fully Managed WiFi

The WiFi Portal is your gateway to your view and control of the network and its elements. You have full control to configure it all in one place - easy, straightforward, feature rich and secure. Whether you simply want a small office set-up with good security and easy controls, or a fully featured Guest/Visitor WiFi service running alongside a secure operational and staff WiFi network - The WiFi Portal easily allows you to set it up - and maximise all options. Fully managed, secure and feature rich WIFi.

Reports, Analytics & Data

The WiFi Portal includes a range of reporting suites to support the network and its features. Gain insight into your Visitors and network users and how they're using the network. Dwell Reports show you the trends on how long people stay at your site and how long online. Loyalty Reporting gives analytics on visitor frequency, and how often they visit.  All data is available to download, and of course is strictly compliant to GDPR regulations.

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Visitor WiFi Hotspots

Allow visitors, guests and general public access to your network, but not without good controls, features and security! The WiFi Portal allows you to create a fully bespoke WiFi Splash Page, with your branding, images, text and colours. A wide range of access control options include data capture, vouchers, pay-as-you-go, office host controls, standard password, SMS & email. User self-managed data and full GDPR compliance. Range of reports to allow data analytics and extracts. Integration to other web platforms including CRM, PMS and MailChimp.

Network Configuration Made Easy

Management of your router settings and the network's configuration is made easy through the WiFi Portal. The dashboard lists all network hardware, and enables confirmation of SSID, VLANS, connection types including WPA-PSK, 802.1X-Enterprise, Guest Hotspot etc.


24/7 Network Monitoring & Alerts

Automated alert emails and messaging allows network support teams to be assured that the network is performing.  Additionally exception trackers enable alerts when site-specific thresholds are broken, for example "less than 10 users online M-F by 9am".  The WiFi Portal can go beyond WiFi, and has been additionally used to alert when CCTV hardware disconnects.

Marketing and Newsletters

Maximise your WiFi network by making the most of the WiFi Portal's marketing features. Report Packages include Dwell Time, Loyalty and Usage Behaviour packages - and enable a range of key analytics measures and trend tracking. The Visitor Splash page allows data capture including your own bespoke questions, allowing marketeers to gain insight for strategic decision making, and to flex the questions as often as they want. The WiFi Portal integrates into many platforms including MailChimp, and within the WiFi Portal is a newsletter creator, to allow site owners to send bulk newsletters, as easily as an email.

Manage Your Users

Manage All User Types

Network users are obviously vital, as is their management and their security. The WiFi Portal allows site owners to fully manage all user types, from Corporate Staff (on 802.1X Enterprise) and Operational devices (on a segmented IoT SSID), to Visitors on a public services, segmented and securely separated from the corporate. Visibility, reporting and management is all through the WiFi Portal.

Control VoIP "air phone" Services

VoIP Phone services can be managed through the WiFi Portal, as an optional additional product area. All aspects of the phone and it's features can be controlled, including call forwarding, voicemail, business hours/out-of-hours, and emailed alerts for missed calls & voicemail. Range of call types including an IVR voice menu (press 1 for sales 2 for accounts etc), redirects and multiple extensions.

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Secuity and GDPR

Full Support, Security and Data GDPR

The WiFi Portal is built to be intuitive and self-managed wherever possible. However we provide a range of support services for the WiFi Portal and your network. Secure networks and data are at the heart of everything we do, and the WiFi Portal and its systems are protected by industry leading practices and processes, and of course is fully GDPR compliant.

Ongoing Development & Innovation

The WiFi Portal continues to constantly develop and the Team have a strong roadmap of further features and product areas to add during 2021. We recently added new report packages and a document library system. Development and innovation is key to your future network and related projects success.

Shop For WiFi & Networking Hardware

The WiFi Partners team are constantly buying WiFi and networking hardware for its installation projects. The Team are now offering the same hardware through the new Shop @ WiFi Partners site. We've selected to hold stock of the most popular and regularly required hardware models.

However we can also source one-off requests - so if you have an upcoming WiFi or networking project - let us know your requirements and we'll get back to you ASAP. Email shop@wifipartners.co.uk

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Order your pre-configured WiFi hardware:

We can deliver next-working day, selected Mikrotik routers, and all the WiFi hardware your network required, preconfigured to auto-connect to the WiFi Portal. Three options available:

Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence

Order a Mikrotik router, preconfigured to the WiFi Portal AND with a new Mikrotik Lite Portal licence.

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Portal Licence Pro

Order a Mikrotik router, preconfigured to the WiFi Portal AND with Portal FULL licence.

Meraki Lite Portal Licence

Use the Meraki Lite Portal licence to quickly add and manage new WiFi services on your existing Meraki network through the WiFi Portal. Straightforward management of the services, supported by the WiFi Portal's reports and toolbox of features to maximise benefits from the network.

Portal Preconfigured

Order your WiFi solution with the Mikrotik routerboard preconfigured to the WiFi Portal. Perfect if you already have a WiFi Portal account, and adding new kit or Sites to the account.

Note: Requires a new or existing WiFi Portal licence

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