Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence

The WiFi Portal's Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence is designed for a small site with a single Mikrotik router providing WiFi services to Office, Operations and IoT, but without Guest Splash services. Controls include managing two WiFi networks (naming, password, enable/disable), and a third network for 802.1X WPA-Enterprise giving increased security and encrypted data for regular network users (like Staff).

The Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence includes key WiFi Portal features and options to manage your new WiFi services. See below for summary detail. Try a risk free trial of the Meraki Lite Portal Licence. Upgrade options include moving to the Full Portal Licence and gaining access to all the WiFi Portal's features and controls.

  • Manage WiFi Networks

    • Control SSID name
    • Password (WPA-PSK)
    • Status (enabled/disabled)
    • Up to 2 networks
  • Add an Enterprise Network

    Broadcast a corporate network, with encryption from the device to the WiFi Access Point

    • Add a 802.1X-Enterprise SSID
    • Control SSID name
    • Status (enabled/disabled)
    • Limited to 2 Enterprise users
  • Troubleshooting Toolkit

    Set of troubleshooting tools and reports to help identify issues on the network or the device.

  • Web Filtering & DNS

    Options from range of DNS web filtering services

  • WiFi Portal Document Library

    Access to the portal's document library, including:

    • Portal Guides
    • Marketing collateral 
    • Product overview
  • Secure Portal Logon

    All user access is secure and GDPR compliant

    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • Password reset by email
    • Users self-manage their data
  • Schedule SSID Broadcast

    • Control when your WiFi network broadcasts
    • Create a schedule, time-of-day / day-of-week
    • Enable / hide the network


  • Schedule Selected Devices

    • Restrict access to your network for specific devices
    • Create a schedule - by time and day-of-week
    • Identify specific devices
    • Allow / restrict access
    • Use case: kids iPad restricted after 8pm M-F
  • User Mgt

    View and manage all types of Users

    • Enterprise 
    • Portal Users
  • Network Monitoring

    Tools and reports

    • Automated alerts
    • Integration to Slack platform
    • Audit trail of alert notifications
  • Reporting

    Basic reports include:

    • Online Now
    • Daily & Monthly Data Usage 
    • Daily & Monthly Time Online
    • Stats by device type

Full Portal Licence

The Full Portal Licence enables full access to the WiFi Portal providing the full suite of services and features across all types of WiFi services, their management with reports and monitoring. There are a range of Full Portal Licences (from Single AP to Enterprise) to reflect the network size and data demands.


Order your pre-configured WiFi hardware:

We can deliver next-working day, selected Mikrotik routers, and all the WiFi hardware your network required, preconfigured to auto-connect to the WiFi Portal. Four options available:

Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence

Order a Mikrotik router, preconfigured to the WiFi Portal AND with a new Mikrotik Lite Portal Licence.

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Portal Licence Pro

Order a Mikrotik router, preconfigured to the WiFi Portal AND with Portal FULL licence.

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Meraki Lite Portal Licence

You've got or manage a Meraki network and/or dashboard. The Meraki Lite Portal Licence enables easy and straightforward updates to the Meraki services, including updating and changing SSID details and adding a hotspot captive portal through the WiFi Partners' WiFi Portal.

WiFi Portal Preconfigured Mikrotik

Order your WiFi solution with the Mikrotik routerboard preconfigured to the WiFi Portal. Perfect if you already have a WiFi Portal account, and adding new kit or Sites to the WiFi Portal account.   Note: Requires a WiFi Portal licence

FYI: And its Risk-Free

The required WiFi Portal preconfiguration on the Mikrotik router is risk-free and in the unlikely scenario that you choose to stop using the WiFi Portal, you can of course easily be removed by a straightforward factory-reset.

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