Internet Based Phones Services - VoIP

WiFi Partners provide a range of internet-based phone services, which are managed and reported on through the WiFi Portal. The Portal's control page and features are set out below. Each icon has a sub-window with further controls and options.

VoIp Phone Services - WiFi Partners
  • Handset Registered

    • If green, means the salon handset(s) are connected and online
    • If grey, they have the wrong password etc or the salon is offline
  • Host Credentials

    • Log on details inc password

    • Securely stored, just in case!

  • Missed Call Alerts

    • Lists the email address(es) that get missed call alerts
    • Manage the list and enable/disable feature
  • View Call History

    • List all OUTGOING calls made on the service
    • Daily update
  • Voicemail Settings

    • Enables the email alerts and lists the emails that get them
    • Simply remember a comma between each.
    • It also lists recent voicemail with date & time
    • Play any voicemail direct from WiFi Portal or via email alert
  • Forward Setting

    • Use this to forward ALL calls to a different number.
    • Set the "Time To Ring" to 0 if you want it to go straight there
    • Or for example 20 seconds to allow it to ring on desk handset and then jump to mobile

    • Separately the "Time To Ring" is also used as the number of seconds a call will ring if using a "Handset Registered" handset, before going to voicemail.
  • Business Hours

    • Change call experience based on your working hours
    • Change welcome message to "sorry we're closed"
    • Or "Good morning, welcome to ..." and "Good evening ..."
  • Note:

    • Notes: If the desk handset is offline, the call will go to voicemail

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