WiFi Survey, Plan And Design

Every project starts with a survey (desktop or on site) to confirm the network design, and enable the WiFi deployment plan.

Installation & Project Mgt

We have a large team of WiFi specialist install engineers and project managers, and the teams & processes to support.

Support Desk & Engineering

When things go wrong, we have an excellent WiFi Support Desk and on-site WiFi  engineers to quickly resolve the issue.


WiFi Consultancy, Specialst WiFi Surveys and Network Health Checks

Our highly experienced engineers can carry out a range of survey types across your network, including desktop, health check, pre and post installation and hybrid surveys.

Business Needs Great WiFi

We work in most industry sectors including; Retail + Hospitality + Buy-To-Rent + Transport Hubs + Airports + Healthcare + Leisure + Education + Corporate


Ready to find out more?

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