WiFi Survey, Plan And Design

Every project starts with a survey (desktop or on site) to confirm the network design, and enable the WiFi deployment plan.

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Installation & Project Mgt

We have a large team of WiFi specialist install engineers and project managers, and the teams & processes to support.

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Support Desk & Engineering

When things go wrong, we have an excellent WiFi Support Desk and on-site WiFi  engineers to quickly resolve the issue.

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WiFi Consultancy, Specialst WiFi Surveys and Network Health Checks

Our highly experienced engineers can carry out a range of survey types across your network, including desktop, health check, pre and post installation and hybrid surveys. We also provide WiFi Consultancy, and can act as your Critical Challenger.

Business Needs Great WiFi

We work in most industry sectors including; Retail + Hospitality + Buy-To-Rent + Transport Hubs + Airports + Healthcare + Leisure + Education + Corporate. The latest Cloud based CCTV systems can now run on the same CAT5 network, so Security also requires great and well planned WiFi networks.

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LoRa Networks & IoT Sensors

The WiFi Partners also work with LoRa WAN networks, to deploy IoT connectivity across wide areas, connecting a wide variety of sensor devices, mounted in a diverse range of location types and use-cases. The WiFi Partners systems and back-end platform monitor the network and the devices in real-time, providing alerts, notifications and reporting.

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Cloud Based Security Cameras

The latest Cloud based CCTV systems can now run on the WiFi CAT5 network. No Digital Video Recorders (DVR) hardware required. No limitations on scalability, security or innovation. Check out the intuitive dashboard and its latest features including floorplan view of your cameras, people & vehicle counting and new access control options.

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Procurement & Commercial Consultancy

With a focus on IT and Networks spend categories, our Supply Chain associates have the breadth of experience to provide a comprehensive range of procurement services and can work independently or alongside your in-house teams.

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Web and IT Services

This was initially driven by existing and potential business partners, and friends and local businesses, struggling during the COVID19 challenges effecting everyone. We helped some companies transition their business (in some case, almost over night!), as well as providing subject matter experts for IT support and resources. We helped new start-ups, enabling their business focus, whilst we sorted their online presence & social media activity.  We see this as complementary and supportive, especially during these unprecedented times. If you need help, or are looking to outsource IT activities - we'd be happy to chat.

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