Hybrid Cloud Cameras

Simple, intelligent video security designed for reliability and scale. Verkada combines solid-state storage with intelligent, industry-leading cloud software, and runs effortlessly and securely on your existing WiFi / CAT5 network. A single network, a single installation for WiFi and CCTV.

UK Verkada Reseller

WiFi Partners is proud and excited to be recognised as a Verkada UK Reseller. Make contact to find out more, arrange an online demo presentation and get a quote. Install WiFi and CCTV camera at the same time? Single network, single installation, save time, disruption, confusion and cost! Please scroll down and use the contact form below.


Verkada UK Reseller - WiFi Partners Limited
Verkada UK Reseller - WiFi Partners Limited
Verkada UK Reseller - WiFi Partners Limited
Verkada UK Reseller - WiFi Partners Limited
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WiFi Partners - Focused WiFi Specialists to UK business, and a Verkada Reseller.

Complete the contact form below to find out more on Verkada and how the latest cloud based CCTV cameras run across your existing WiFi network. We can easily and quickly arrange a call and a live demo. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Verkada UK Reseller

Contact WiFi Partners, to find out more about the latest and most innovative CCTV camera system, with minimum installed hardware and cloud based controls, running across your existing WiFi network.

No Network or Digital Video Recorders (NVR & DVR) to buy, to maintain and to go wrong or no limited scalability. No legacy concerns, with Verkada's 10 year warranty, but intuitive web-based dashboards, ongoing support, new features and market leading innovation.

Make contact for more info and a quote.


WiFi Partners UK Verkada Reseller