WiFi Desktop Survey

Desktop WiFi planning survey using the latest industry standard planning tools. All surveying carried out remotely using floor plans, including details like materials used and wall thickness etc. A detailed report is provided with bill of materials, AP location drawings, and simulated heatmaps for coverage, data rates and throughput.

Hybrid WiFi Survey

Outputs as with the desktop survey but with the addition of a site visit by our experienced WiFi / wireless design engineer to survey including sample attenuation readings for walls and building objects (lifts etc.) The Hybrid WiFi Survey a 2nd level of detail, providing a greater level of detail and confidence in the technical plan and deliverable outcome.

Health Check Survey

Detailed on-site review and survey of your existing network, using the latest tools and techniques. Areas surveyed to the coverage levels boundary, data sampling is taken throughout identifying areas of high retry, and poor coverage, data rates. Data measured in real-time rather than simulation. The WiFi Health Check report details the network's current performance and lists any recommendations for improvement.

Pre-Install Site Survey

A highly reliable detailed pre-installation report. Our survey team produce full site survey and heat mapping, along with analysis and recommendations, using tools including Ekahau, Air Magnet and Tamograph

All measurements are done on site using a preconfigured standalone access point. Areas are surveyed to the boundary of required coverage levels, data sampling is taken throughout to identify any areas of high retry, and coverage, data rates and throughputs are measured in real time rather than simulation. A report as above is given as standard detailing the outcomes and for a small additional charge a photopack for the installation can be provided

Post-Install Survey

A detailed post installation survey offers both the installer and the support team an agreed baseline of what has been done from day one. Surveys can range from simplistic passive surveys to complex and detailed active iperf surveys depending on client requirements. In all cases, detailed handover reports are tailored to the client’s needs and raw data can be provided for support teams to use as an ongoing reference.

WiFi Consultancy

Our highly experienced engineering and technical management can provide boutique WiFi consultancy and surveys, network reviews and health checks.

Our technical management team also provide Technical Design Authority (TDA) services, helping to ensure and maintain the integrity and design robustness of your network. We can also act as your subject-matter expert Critical Challenger, for your ongoing discussions or issues with your current incumbent WiFi supplier.

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The WiFi Partners team bring together highly experienced WiFi subject-matter experts with focused specialism on key areas of WiFi delivery and operations, each with 10-15 years in the WiFi sector. The team had lead roles and projects in Spectrum Interactive, Arqiva WiFi and Virgin WiFi, with proven understanding and experience in the provision and management of public & corporate WiFi internet access.

WiFi Partners Limited works closely with its partners to deliver robust, innovative and scalable solution to its site partners, and in turn an excellent WiFi service to their customers.

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